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Today's fast-paced legal environment leaves little time for errors and even less time for conducting quality research. One of the most significant expenses to your clients is the hours billed for legal research and writing and the fees associated with accessing online research databases. At Research Associates, we've been providing quality research throughout the country since 1988. In fact, our sole core competency is legal and medico-legal research. Our narrowly defined mission statement allows attorneys to take advantage of our economies of scale and to provide large firm representation at small firm prices. With well over two decades of research and writing experience, our research has successfully obtained relief in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout the country. References and writing samples are freely available upon request.

We are sensitive to the varying degrees of control that counsel may wish to retain over their projects; accordingly, we offer a complete panoply of research services, ranging from locating leading authorities and writing short issue memoranda to writing exhaustive, full-length, sign-and-file briefs for mediation, arbitration, and litigation at all levels of federal and state litigation.Save yourself and your firm valuable time and resources by outsourcing your research projects to Research Associates.

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